The Nostalgic Tigrean
Owner: Flyingkat

Age: 2 years, 8 months, 1 day

Born: December 14th, 2015

Adopted: 2 years, 8 months, 1 day ago

Adopted: December 14th, 2015


  • Level: 9
  • Strength: 25
  • Defense: 20
  • Speed: 20
  • Health: 20
  • HP: 20/20
  • Intelligence: 69
  • Books Read: 68
  • Food Eaten: 18
  • Job: Register Supervisor

”Who are you calling a little fat?” It better not be Bounteous. Ok…ok so he likes to eat, well doesn’t everyone? When you’re a little chunky there is just that much more of you to love after all. Not only that he can share the bounteous amounts of love he has to share. With his extra cute cuddly wuddly body!!! Did I just start talking baby talk? Well who couldn’t just look at him! He is the baby of the group no doubt about it, he doesn't always get treated that way though, when he is bad he does get punished.


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