Jati has a minion!

Jesse the Pinhart


The Storm Devonti
Owner: Dot

Age: 1 year, 3 months, 2 weeks

Born: February 3rd, 2017

Adopted: 1 year, 3 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: February 7th, 2017


  • Level: 45
  • Strength: 110
  • Defense: 105
  • Speed: 100
  • Health: 110
  • HP: 110/110
  • Intelligence: 289
  • Books Read: 288
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Scrap Collector

Status Report
Date: 3/17/2137
Unit#: 578a "Jati de Jasha"
Core Data: Female, 24 years old, 162cm, 120lbs. Black hair, red mark over left eye, hazel eyes. Tracker behind left ear.
Employment: Pasha United Human Resources
Strengths and Weaknesses Main assets speed and manual dexterity. Strong in hand-to-hand with knuckledusters. Only adequate with knives and poor omniblaster marksmanship.
Other:Frequent need for re-education. Liability? Evaluate at end of quarter.

- Re-education a success. Major target eliminated (see section 2b for project details).
- Unit #578a "Jati de Jasha" shows signs of flexor tendon laceration in left hand in preliminary med exam and severe emotional distress. Re-education and usefulness assessment strongly recommended.
-Unit #578a "Jati de Jasha" now MIA. Wanted dead or alive.


One pill. One time. Everything changed.

They kept me drugged. They kept me stupid. I had no idea how twisted it was. It was life, nothing more or less. I wasn't a person. My feelings were encouraged when I was effectively completing missions, but anything else was not tolerated. So they drugged me. Over and over again they drugged me. I thought I was sane, I thought I was alright. I thought the entire situation was normal. Heh. How fucked up is that?

It took four days after taking the antidote to see any change. Everything changed. I could see like I'd never done before. The fog started to lift. When I look back I recognize the gaping holes in my memory and I worry. Still, noticing the lack is new and I fiercely embrace the knowledge. I am seeing the days, the months, the years that I have lost in the fog of madness they induced.

I lost myself. Every day that the "medicine" wore me down I lost a little scrap of my soul. What remains is threadbare and held together by will and fury. They stole from me in a deeper way than anyone else. They hurt me....Now it's time to hurt them back.

I will be free of them. I refuse to be what they made me into. I will not make the same mistakes again. In time I may forgive, however unlikely, but I will never forget what they cost me. My sanity. Myself. What remains of my heart is bitter as a widow's tears and I will not rest until I have my revenge.

Art by the fabulous: jaegar
Story and profile by: Dot

Pet Treasure

Bronze Summit Key

Tome of Wind

Yellow Handful of Daisies

Yellow Nott Flower

Tome of Light

Tome of Fire

Life Shard

Tome of Water

Gold Summit Key

Tome of Life

Light Shard

Finding Light in the Dark

Shining Earrings

Tome of Earth

Darkness Shard

Fire Shard

Yellow Azaleas

Earth Shard

Tome of Death

Iron Summit Key

Scattered Autumn Leaves

Water Shard

Yellow Zinnia

Tome of Darkness

Magma Shard

Wind Shard

Death Shard

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